What do you mean by Quality Assurance?

There are many definitions of quality and we are happy to discuss yours. In the simplest sense, quality means that the well data should be correct and complete. “Correct” means that it is properly identified and legible, and “complete” means that the data set contains all that is required for the exploitation of the data, including (usually) all of the data acquired that legitimately belongs to the operator, and some contextual information.

What do your services cost?

Our services cost very little compared to the value they are likely to bring your company – typically a few percentage points.
Our services cost very little compared to the direct cost of the data acquisition operations – typically a few percentage points.
Depending on what the focus of our work is on, payback may be immediate (i.e. you save): by acquiring the right data first time, and neither more nor less, you may be able to better meet the company objectives and effectively increase the company value.

The state of our data is fine. What are the data concerns you propose to address?

Well done if the state of your data is good. It is our long experience that companies frequenly underestimate database health issues, rely on data quality assurance on a “per-need basis”, or assign the management of the well data to a number of individual asset “data owners”. These practices seem fine until they are tested, at which time it frequently appears that additional costs and delays will be required to ensure that a data set of just-acceptable quality is available: better quality data could have been available earlier and at a significantly lesser cost. Consider the following questions about your well data assets:
• Are they complete, correct & available when needed?
• Are they truly managed based on a long life cycle, or on a “per-need” basis?
• Are they managed consistently by trained and committed data-wise staff?
• Are auditable so that work never needs to be repeated, right?
If you answered positively to every point, then well done indeed, and keep us in mind when you are looking for your next job. If, however, you feel that a little more well data quality assurance would benefit your organization, then consider our services or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Why are so many of your proposed services intervening before the data acquisition?

All too often, we have been called in as consultants after operators:
• were committed to data acquisition contracts that did not meet their exact or complete requirements
• were committed to a data acquisition program that overran the prognosed cost
• failed to meet their acquisition objectives
• did not get, in hindsight, a satisfactory return-on-investment not just on their data acquisition program, but on their well.
These are some of the issues that we propose to assist you prevent.

Do you talk directly to the service companies on our behalf?

Depending on the nature of the work and the objectives, WellDataQA may only advise as you lead the discussion (so WellDataQA have no direct contact with the third party), or we may act on your behalf as a contracted member of your organisation (and have direct contacts but keep you in the loop at all times), or we may even act on your behalf entirely (and you may have no direct technical or administrative interaction with the third party service company). In any case, this is discussed and agreed beforehand, and we will generally do whatever serves your wishes and objectives best.

Do you do data preparation and conditioning?

Yes we do, although in most cases we spend some time scoping exactly what is required and developing an appropriate workflow, then either:
• we support your staff doing the work,
• or we do the work ourselves, documenting it fully so you can take ownership not just of the data but also the process at any time
• or we outsource the work, remaining closely involved and fully responsible for the quality of the resulting data and audit trail.

Do you outsource any of the work?

Yes we do, when it is justified and beneficial to your objectives. We are certainly not experts in all things well data, so we frequently outsource work but when we do, we are generally involved in the detailed specification of the work, its monitoring, and the quality control and auditability of the result. Over the years we have worked with many different third party contractors, so we may recommend one or another to you, but we remain totally independent and will not accept commissions for working with third parties: you are our only customer and all our income is from our advice to you.

Reiterating essential points:
• We are independent and have a long and varied experience in well data management and quality assurance.
• We work for you and you only. We aim to assist you extract awesome value from your well data, making you a more agile and valuable company.
• We customize our work to your requirements and objectives, so please contact us to discuss how we might assist your company.