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Well Data Quality Assurance



Our services relating to data  acquisition:

Before acquisition:

  • Coordination of Mudlog, LWD and EWL contracts
  • Coordination of logging programs
  • Witnessing and contextual data reporting systems
  • Core analysis programs


During acquisition:

  • QC of data and reporting deliverables




  • Scoping, planning and quality assurance of data processing services




Our services relating to data management:


  • Database projects, inc. gathering, rasterizing & digitizing
  • Fit-for-purpose, simple data mgt systems
  • Evaluation audit trail systems
  • Well data asset audits and due diligence
  • Training and mentoring of data mgt staff

… and much more, all highly customized to meet your wishes and constraints, promoting “best practices” and sustainability.  Did we mention our independence?…