Increase the quality and value of your well data
while lowering costs of acquisition and exploitation

Well Data Quality Assurance are proud to represent SuperSonic Geophysical in Australia and the region.

If you are about to acquire full waveform acoustic data, whether “While Drilling”, on electric wireline, or otherwise, it is likely that the data set will require processing before it can be exploited confidently.

SuperSonic Geophysical are the recognized independent world experts in acoustic processing, and will provide faster & better & cheaper processing than most alternatives.

Contact us for a commitment-free quote or an assessment of the need for and value of additional processing of your acoustic waveform data set.

Our flyer with more details can be downloaded from here.

Example job

Difficult full wave acoustic data processed by SuperSonic Data acquired in a 9 5/8″ casing, through slow formation, in highly deviated well, with pipe conveyed, decentralized logging tool.