The next session of our flagship course delivered under exclusive license from Philippe Theys will be in London, UK, on 16-18th August 2017.

Registration is now closed but we expect other sessions in Western Europe in the 2nd half of 2017.  Please register your interest.

Log Data Acquisition and Quality Control

The Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, UK

16-18th August 2017


This course will teach you to recognize the sources of errors in well measurements, to plan the acquisition of fit-for-purpose data, and to manage the uncertainties associated with non-quality data. The course focus is on log data, but the concepts and methods can be applied to the acquisition and quality control of all well data.

This is a practical course, intended to familiarize the participants with the challenges of working with data that are often of variable quality, of different vintages, acquired by different data acquisition companies, using different conveyance modes (LWD, wireline, drillpipe, coiled tubing, etc), in increasingly challenging well environments – deviated wells, multilaterals, unusual mud systems, etc.

A main outcome of this course is that you will be a more aware and confident generator or user of log data, and hence a more effective and dependable professional.

Designed for:

All professionals who use log and other well data, and who would benefit from an improved understanding of the data acquisition processes at the wellsite and the data exploitation in the office. These include geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers, geotechnical and support personnel, as well as data acquisition engineers.

Learning objectives:

You will learn and become familiar with:

Course history:

This is the well-known course designed by Philippe Theys, author of the textbook “Log Data Acquisition and Quality Control” and of the 2012 book “Quest for Quality Data” (both published by Ed. Technip). The course is delivered by Martin Storey under an exclusive license agreement with Philippe Theys. It has been adapted to accommodate the instructor’s style and to include some recent developments in the industry, but the scope and intents of the course are otherwise the same.


Martin Storey, WellDataQA Senior Consultant Martin Storey began his career in the oil and gas industry as a Logging Engineer in South America some 25 years ago, then joined a super-major and worked in Gabon as a Wellsite Petroleum Engineer, Petrophysicist and Total Quality Management champion. Since 1998, he has been an independent consultant and trainer based in Malaysia then Western Australia where he co-founded Well Data QA in 2012. He holds an exclusive license to deliver Philippe Theys’s course and has been delivering it regularly since 2013.  He grew up in France, holds a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Stanford University and an MSc in Electrical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology, and is an active member of SPE, SPWLA, SCA, FESAus, EAGE, AGIA, SEAPEX, and PPDM.


While there is no mandatory pre-requisite for this course, participants would benefit from a prior experience of working with well data and electric logs.  Brief reviews of the essential concepts will be covered.



Location: The Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, Mayfair, London, W1J 0BD, U.K.

These costs include all of the training material, a copy of the latest edition of Philippe Theys’s book on “Log Data Acquisition and Quality Control”, light meals, tea and refreshments on each day.


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